Maximising Biodiversity
Maximising Natural Capital
Maximising Yield

There is a growing recognition that sustainable investments in nature-based solutions to climate change diversify risk and offer attractive, long-term investment returns.

As institutional investors and asset managers globally begin to invest in natural capital and biodiversity, they need a trusted partner like us who can:

Originate & Acquire Land:

Using our proprietary WILDnCAT tool, we can immediately evaluate the natural capital and investment return potential of any estate on the market.

Reduce Risk:

We are expert leaders in environmental stewardship and the prevailing and emerging national regulatory frameworks.

Maximise Returns:

We are domain experts in generating the conventional and unconventional income streams that maximise commercial yields alongside biodiversity gains.

Deliver Biodiversity Impact:

We offer quantitative and verified impact reporting, whether for regenerative agriculture, biodiversity or emerging ecosystem services.



Prof David Hill CBE

Prof David Hill CBE*

David is chairman of The Environment Bank. Previously served as Deputy Chair of Natural England. Board member of the UK’s Joint Nature Conservation Committee, and Ecosystem Markets Taskforce.

Heather De Haes

Heather De Haes OAM

Runs a number of businesses in fine art and luxury property. An impact investor & conservation philanthropist. Awarded the Order of Australia.

Bruce Tozer

Bruce Tozer*

A career in investment banking, environmental markets, and commodities with Rabobank and JP Morgan. Founder member of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) since 1992.

Martin Harper

Martin Harper

RSPB’s Global Conservation Director leads the RSPB’s conservation strategy.Rated by BBC Wildlife Magazine as the third most influential voice in conservation and wildlife in UK today.

Jake Fiennes

Jake Fiennes

Jake Fiennes is Head of Conservation at the 25,000 acre Holkham estate in Norfolk and its 3500 acre nature reserve. Before this he spent 4 years at Knepp Wildlands in West Sussex.

Ben Goldsmith

Ben Goldsmith

Environmentalist and financier. Non-Exec Board member of UK Government’s DEFRA. Co-founder of the UK Environmental Funders’ Network.

Julian Matthews

Julian Matthews
Managing Director

Award-winning eco-tourism pioneer and influencer in nature based economics. Founder & Chair, TOFTigers, and member of the IUCN TAPAS group for global protected areas.

Ben Macdonald

Ben Macdonald
Head of Nature Restoration & Rewilding

At the forefront of the UK’s public discourse on rewilding, nature restoration and reintroduction of species. He is affiliated to the RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, National Trust, Beaver Trust and Rewilding Britain.

Head of Natural Capital

Head of Natural Capital

A Big Four employee in Sustainability and Climate Change. Helped RWEC develop its powerful data-driven Natural Capital assessment tool (WILDnCAT)

Name withheld for confidential reasons.

Archie Egar MRICS

Archie Egar MRICS
Head of Property

Keen conservationist and an experienced rural chartered surveyor who has specialised in farms and estates since 2016.

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