Archie Egar, getting ready for ‘Land for Nature’

Archie Egar, getting ready for 'Land for Nature'

Last year, the UK land market saw huge demand from buyers looking to purchase farms and estates for natural capital, carbon net zero commitments and biodiversity purposes. Whilst the larger 1,000+ acre properties are occasionally openly marketed, the top-class properties are typically available quietly off-market. Whether it was 15,000 acres in Scotland or 1,000+ acres in England or Wales, the private market was incredibly active in 2021 with many of these exciting opportunities being snapped up by these natural capital purchasers. Strong demand from institutional investors and corporations looking to satisfy their net zero aspirations, alongside HNWI nature based legacy and lifestyle investments, has spurred on capital values and this interest is expected to continue its growth as the carbon market gains further traction. Positive forecasts for the future of natural capital and carbon pricing and new carbon codes currently under development are going to continue driving this interest into 2022. A

s we approach spring, the 2022 property market is starting up again and we are already aware of interesting properties suitable for nature restoration, including woodland carbon sequestration and peatland recovery (avoided emissions) projects, and potential biodiversity credits in the future with the forthcoming Nature Related Financial Disclosure reporting (TNFD) coming in 2023. With landowners seeing the huge interest and top prices achieved last year, we expect to see some quality properties becoming available over the coming year. If you need expert advice on land acquisition for natural restoration, with these natural capital payments and carbon sequestration opportunities, or similarly tailored nature based management advice, please contact Archie Egar on

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