Agri-environment Schemes

Agricultural land is undeniably essential for maintaining a natural environment for wildlife. Agri-environment schemes can provide a great opportunity for farmers to diversify and create attractive habitats for wildlife. This can also benefit local communities by providing areas of natural beauty that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Agri-environment schemes aim to strike a balance between agricultural production and environmental conservation by providing financial incentives to farmers who adopt sustainable practices.

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What are Agri Environment Schemes?

The UK Government created agri-environment schemes to encourage sustainable farming and environmental land management. These practices help protect and restore biodiversity and natural resources.

Such schemes cover a wide range of projects, such as restoring habitats, planting hedgerows, creating wetlands and peatland restoration. These activities are designed to benefit wildlife and the environment, while at the same time providing economic benefits for landowners.

Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS)

There are three tranches of funding available under ELMS in England. Each aims to deliver environmental outcomes through the use of land management and practice.

These are:

Landscape Recovery

Designed to help farmers and landowners recover and restore their land. The ultimate aim being improving biodiversity, restoring habitats and wildlife.

Sustainable Farming Incentive

Intended to help farmers and land managers focus on the long-term health of their soil, water quality and habitats. It rewards farmers for positive environmental actions to have a real impact on the environment.

Local Nature Recovery

This scheme is designed for larger-scale projects that provide significant benefits for nature conservation, with a particular focus on restoring and creating extensive areas of natural habitat.

Farmers and landowners are encouraged to apply for funding for projects which meet criteria set out within government guidance.

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Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP)

A combination of agri-environment and forestry schemes aimed at encouraging sustainable land use, agricultural development, and rural community support. Grants and financial support are available to farmers and land managers who are planting trees, managing habitats, and improving farm infrastructure.

Glastir (Wales)

Glastir is an agri-environment scheme which focuses on promoting sustainable land management practices and conserving natural resources. Unlike a grant payment system, participants are encouraged to enter into contracts with the Welsh Government in order to plant trees, manage wetland habitats and improve water quality.

These agri-environment schemes typically involve a combination of financial incentives, technical support, and environmental monitoring to encourage sustainable farming and land management practices.

Farmers and landowners interested in participating usually need to apply for specific agreements or grants, meet certain eligibility criteria, and commit to fulfilling the agreed-upon environmental actions over a specified period. The schemes are subject to monitoring and evaluation to ensure that they achieve their environmental conservation objectives.

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How can we help?

As a company specialising in nature restoration and conservation we are well placed to provide technical advice and assistance to farmers and land managers who would like to take advantage of agri-environment schemes.

Our team can provide advice on the steps you need to take to ensure your application meets the criteria, how you can carry out effective environmental monitoring, and what actions you need to take in order to secure grant funding for your project. Get in touch today to discover how we can help you with your rewilding project

Balancing nature recovery with business viability ensures returns for nature and for you.

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