Challenging Times – Real Solutions

It’s a worrying time for farmers and landowners, with increasingly complex decisions, new payments options, a changing climate and competing demands on land use.

Our expertise is purely in nature and how to ensure its urgent recovery – giving you a one stop solution that make the restoration of biodiversity a viable and profitable land use option.

Whether it’s making nature an integrated part of your farming operations, ensuring native wildlife’s recovery is part of your legacy, or changing from traditional land management practices to more climate resilient and nature friendly operations, the choice is your and we can help.

The need however is more urgent than ever.

Real Wild Estates Approach

In partnership with you, we deliver our service in a phased approach.

Bespoke Services

Our services are principally offered as ecological oversight and management packages, alongside your own estate teams, but can also be selected individually, tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose from any of the below and speak to us to request a quote.

Nature-based Tourism and Visitor Planning

  • Destination Site &  Visitor Planning
  • Guiding & Nature Safaris
  • Camping and Glamping Planning, Logistics & Operations

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Planning & Strategy Creation
  • Presentations, Workshops and On-Site Engagement

Regenerative Agriculture Advisory

Financial modelling

Use our WILDnCAT Financial Forecasting tool

Our cutting-edge proprietorial software tool can be used to assess any viable landscape for nature recovery. It includes all the latest natural capital, commercial and conventional income streams that can generate long term monetary yield for all landholders, allowing you as a farmer, owner or land manager to make valued judgments on nature positive land use changes today – and long into the future.  

To justify your nature recovery ambition or objective you need to:

  • Understand potential revenues, costs and income benefits – the risks and rewards
  • Understand the potential investment needs
  • Assess the short and long term cashflow implications
  • Understand the Natural capital options and opportunities
Real Wild Estates

Long term Indicative forecasting 

To give you some indication of how we combine nature restoration with forecasting income, below are 2 exemplars cases studies from different landscape settings:

Small lowland farm 150 acres

Pasture, river valley and orchards


Key Actions

  • Woodland Natural Regeneration
  • Orchard Restoration
  • Wood Pasture Creation

Income Opportunities

  • Woodland Carbon Code (Ave price)
  • Biodiversity Net Gain

Income Per Acre

  • circa £415 per annum

Indicative Cumulative Income

Year 1 £0,259
Year 5 £0,877
Year 10 £1,280
Year 20 £1,450
Year 30 £1,870
Real Wild Estates

Upland farm 950 acres

Upland farm with blanket bog, moorland, and woodland

Upland farm 950 acres

Key Actions

  • Moorland Restoration
  • Hay Meadow Creation
  • Woodland Natural Regeneration
  • Wood Pasture Creation

Income Opportunities

  • Woodland Carbon Code (Ave price)
  • Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Countryside stewardship

Income Per Acre

  • £284 per annum

Indicative Cumulative Income

Year 1 £1,400
Year 5 £3,600
Year 10 £5,400
Year 20 £6,300
Year 30 £8,100
Real Wild Estates

Building Diverse & Resilient Landholding

Diversified income streams are key to resilient and viable holdings and WILDnCAT tool produces a host of graphs and charts that give you all you need to know based on a variety of scenarios and against business as usual (BAU).

Income streams include all established and emerging natural capital and ecosystems services, produce sales, commercial and holidays lets and tourism.

Chart examples here:

Land investor - Cum Net Income by Revenue Stream -
Land Investor - Annual Net income (Lowland)
Annual Net Income Lowland

Please do contact us if you would like your own landholding modelled for a nature recovery strategy.

Aim Wilder
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