England Woodland Creation Offer

What is the England Woodland Creation Offer?

The England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) is a financial incentive introduced by the UK Government. It encourages landowners to increase tree-planting efforts and to establish new woodlands as part of carbon emissions reductions biodiversity restoration targets. Additionally EWCO incentivises the increase in availability of vital ecosystems services provided by woodland landscapes. Part of the offering is a support program given to any landowners, farmers, businesses, and communities making efforts to increase woodland cover. Creation of these habitats also enables the retention of water in the land, helping to mitigate flooding during wetter months.

Successful EWCO projects in the Real Wild Estates portfolio are characterised by five key features:

Environmental Objectives:

Land use projects submitted under EWCO are required to demonstrate contribution towards environmental objectives. These include improved air and water quality, carbon sequestration and storage, and the conservation, restoration and enhancement of wildlife habitat and food sources.

Sustainable Land Use:

Part of wider national land use strategies, the program was designed to encourage integration of newly-created woodlands into English landscapes. Taking into account the need for land to be used for food production, the scheme aims to balance demand for both agricultural land and woodland creation.

Biodiversity Enhancement:

Successful EWCO projects involve planting of native tree species. This provides the twin benefits of native refuge and food sources for native wildlife, and new habitat to support greater bioabundance. Additional biodiversity enhancement is also derived from the implementation of proper sustainable woodland management practices.

Financial Support:

As a green finance market mechanism, EWCO acts as a financial incentive and alternative natural capital income stream for landowners looking to diversify. The income generated is aimed at covering costs associated with creating and managing woodland, thereby making landscape scale restoration financially viable through grants and other payments.

Monitoring and Reporting:

As with other alternative natural capital income streams, Government grants and payments, EWCO projects must demonstrate quantitative and qualitative data collection. Regular, ongoing monitoring and reporting on progress against initially agreed outcomes and targets ensures the accountability and transparency of projects.

planted woodland england woodland creation offer
tree planting england woodland creation offer

How do Real Wild Estates make use of the England Woodland Creation Offer scheme?

Using our WILDnCAT financial modelling tool, Real Wild Estates can produce thirty-year indicative income figures to demonstrate the potential earnings of a landowner through such alternative natural capital income streams like EWCO. There are other woodland habitat- related income generation opportunities such as woodland carbon.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you to make the most of these opportunities on your land.

Balancing nature recovery with business viability ensures returns for nature and for you.

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