Making nature recovery our business

There is an international imperative for the restoration of the natural world and ecosystem functionality if we are to address the climate crisis and meet global targets on biodiversity loss and net zero carbon emissions. Biodiversity restoration is one of the fastest, most cost effective and easiest ways to create healthy ecosystems that sequester carbon and are essential for keeping temperatures below key thresholds.

So, it is no longer about protecting what is left, but about recovering what has been lost.

Landowners and landholders – be they private individuals or commercial businesses – are being held accountable for their impact upon the natural world and yet also hold the answer to reversing the decline and damage caused by our anthropological activities.

By monetising and delivering natural ecosystem services we demonstrate to our clients that restoring nature across portfolios generates financial returns, creating viable and diverse income streams, new job opportunities and develops the viable marketplace for rapid nature recovery.​

Our values

Nature Comes First

We put nature at the heart of everything we do or advise on. We don’t just modify landscapes but provide ambitious, visionary plans and proposals. As an indivisible part of nature, we need to make space for natural processes in our lives and ways of operating.

The Business of Nature

We believe we will not succeed in halting biodiversity loss until landholders can understand its value when it is restored rather than exploited. The necessary nature-based market economics are increasingly in our favour, and we can demonstrate this to you.

Cultural change takes time

We recognise there has been a sea change in our understanding of the natural world and what needs to happen to restore it – and fast. But this shift requires patience, and guidance which we can support you with.

Teamwork guides our thinking

We know there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy for nature recovery. We take pride in our ability to work with multiple stakeholders with a plethora of views, needs and experiences to put nature at the very heart of your operations.

Monitoring, Measuring, and Innovating

We advocate a best practice approach combining reativity, experimentation, and innovation to deliver the best results for you and for nature. We take our work seriously, carefully planning how to measure, monitor and innovate throughout the process of nature recovery – wherever you are in the UK.

Taking Responsibility

We acknowledge our responsibility as an organisation, to tread lightly, and do our utmost to restore our natural world and improve societal and planetary health, and this is something we encourage from our existing and potential clients.

Real Wild Estates

Our commitment

2030 is a significant year for nature recovery. It’s set out by governments, the United Nations and leading NGO’s as a necessary turning point for nature’s recovery both in UK and globally. We are committed to helping the UK help halt biodiversity loss and recreate wilder isles.

Our role is in demonstrating the economic case for nature recovery whilst ensuring healthy recovery of ecosystems on our clients’ landholdings.

Real Wild Estates
Aim Wilder R&D Lab

The Aim Wilder R&D Lab

The Aim Wilder R&D Lab
We strive for best practice in everything we do and are committed to showing our contribution to global targets by 2030 and beyond.

Coming soon…

We are developing our ‘Aim Wilder R&D Lab’ as a way for us to certify and validate our services.

Balancing nature recovery with business viability ensures returns for nature and for you.

Aim Wilder
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