BNG Assessment, Habitat Management & Monitoring Plans

BNG Assessment, Habitat Management & Monitoring Plans

Habitat management and monitoring is an essential requirement for developers to demonstrate Biodiversity Net Gain. 

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Baseline BNG Unit Calculation

This is a comprehensive baseline assessment of existing biodiversity and habitats in the project area using Natural England’s Biodiversity Metric 4.0. This assessment details the presence of different species, habitat types and other ecological characteristics.

Habitat types and distribution is mapped throughout the project area to track changes over time. GIS and other forms of remote sensing technology can be used to generate these maps. Measurement of ecosystem services like pollination, water purification, and carbon sequestration can also be conducted as a way of measuring wider positive impacts of BNG.

The assessment is used to calculate the number of units which could be created through appropriate habitat management and creation.

Habitat Management Plan

BNG assessments identify which habitats need to be created in order to produce the required number of units. Once calculated, the relevant habitat management plan can be drawn up by verified ecologists to provide a roadmap for achieving sustained net gain. 

Habitat Monitoring

Regular reporting on assessment results is essential for demonstrating progress toward biodiversity net gain goals. This is required by regulatory authorities.

Habitat monitoring evaluates the quality of ecosystem characteristics like soil and water quality, and vegetation composition. Ongoing surveys of present plant and animal species are conducted to gather information on population trends. As well as this, surveys assess whether target species are benefiting from conservation measures.

This information helps determine if habitat improvements are effective in the long-term. 

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