Gatton Park

Gatton Park

Needs: Ecological Vision Report

Landscape Characteristics: Parkland, woodland.

Gatton Manor Hotel and Spa engaged Real Wild Estates to create an ecological vision showing the potential for biodiversity enhancement across the park.

The Vision

The report encompasses a 15-year vision for nature restoration, aiming to create a dynamic and flowing landscape that supports the highest level of biodiversity whilst also linking potential income streams from natural capital. By identifying ways for ecosystem services to fund nature restoration, Real Wild Estates are able to provide a sustainable management plan for Gatton Manor to implement within a flexible timeframe to suit their own needs and ambitions.

As part of the vision, Real Wild Estates have provided a detailed map to illustrate recommended locations for habitat enhancement and creation. This includes a space for wood pasture creation through assisted natural regeneration; establishment of scrubby habitats in grassland areas; reed beds and ponds alongside potential locations for future beaver reintroduction; and sites for wildflower meadow creation.

Providing a basis or roadmap for nature restoration, this vision will return Gatton Manor  to a haven for nature enthusiasts and visitors seeking respite in the great outdoors. It will offer an opportunity to reconnect with nature, see wildlife, and appreciate the therapeutic benefits of being in green spaces.