Southill Estate

Southill Estate

Needs: 15-year Ecological vision and strategy for nature restoration and natural capital, Habitat conditions assessment, surveys and baselining.

Landscape Characteristics: Arable land, wood pasture, neutral grassland and deciduous woodland

Situated within the picturesque landscapes of Central Bedfordshire, this extensive 5000-acre site boasts a diverse array of habitats. Set against a predominantly rural backdrop, it encompasses a blend of sprawling cropland, open grasslands, priority wood pasture, and hedged field boundaries. Noteworthy among its features is the distinguished Southill Park House and a serene 37-acre lake, which, combined with a large woodland in the northern quarter of the site, constitutes the Southill Lake and Woods SSSI.

Vision: To recreate living ecosystems within the farming system and also kickstart new wildland and scrub areas for beavers, nightingales, and turtle doves to return, dramatically improving biodiversity, bio-abundance, and natural capital on the remaining estate.

RWE want to maximise water sources, flower margins, infield scruff banks, wood pastures, wildlands and wetlands, alongside providing a 30-year monetisation of these actions to ensure it remains a viable land use option – that is comparable against a business-as-usual approach. Real Wild Estates continues to provide ongoing services including NatHab 4 biodiversity baselining.