Western Scottish Estate

Western Scottish Estate

Needs: Natural capital scoping; nature restoration project development & delivery to marketplace

Landscape Characteristics: Rough grazed moorland, relic Atlantic rainforest.


Real Wild Estates have been instructed by the owner of this Estate to create a long-term plan for nature restoration funded by available natural capital income generated by the Estate. The project will take a multi-phase approach with each having bespoke targets, plans and management requirements.


Phase One (3,595 acres)

Natural Capital Scoping

This involves desktop mapping followed up with site visits to accurately assess the opportunity for natural capital income generation through nature restoration on the Estate. As well as an assessment of carbon sequestration potentially resulting from restoration, and a forecast of income, the scoping report includes a breakdown of expected costs together with management costs that should be expected including surveys and capital expenditure associated with project implementation.


Project Development

The natural capital modelling and financial forecasting reports form the basis of a prospectus which enables the project to be taken to the nature marketplace to attract investment. Part of this prospectus is also a vision and top-line management plan for the areas scoped for restoration and species reintroduction. The prospectus is taken to a range of potential investors, and our expertise will guide the client in selecting the most appropriate funding opportunity.